5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner

5 Reasons to hire a professional for tile and grout cleaning

Tiled floors give a home a more modern and cleaner look, raise the homes value, and can handle the daily foot traffic from you and your pets much better than carpeted floors.

Tiled floors also mix and blend very well with floor rugs of your choosing, allowing your home to appear that much better.

Although Ceramic tiles are virtually stain proof the grout joints in between them aren’t. In fact they should be regularly sealed to prevent grout discoloration and staining. But even then all the dirt and dust on your tile end up in the grout joints from your routine mopping because grout is elevated lower than tiles. This makes it almost impossible to remove the dirt that gets trapped in the porous texture of grout. Over time the accumulation of dirt, grime, and oils in the grout start to darken your grout and discolor it. If your tile has texture on it, it too will start to accumulate dirt inside the texture making your tile appear dirty.

Here are the top 5 reason you should have a professional clean your grout rather than doing so yourself.

1. It requires you to get on your hands and knees while scrubbing your tile and grout. Depending on your floor size it can take days to give scrub then extract the chemicals.

2. It requires using harsh chemicals to get decent results. Harsh chemical can be dangerous to your health.

3. The Harsh chemical can permanently damage and discolor your grout and wear of grout sealer.

4. Even if you do find a neutral cleaning solution, the cleaning results will be nowhere near those done by a professional. There will still be dirt trapped in the grout and tile textures.

5. If your grout is sealed, a professional cleaning process can easily rejuvenate the grout color you had since day one.

A professional tile and grout cleaner would inspect and apply the appropriate safe cleaning solution that would help loosen up the specific type of dirt. Soon after they would use a giant scrubbing machine to agitate the dirt on tile and grout. They then would go over with a bowl shaped machine to prevent any water from escaping .The machine sprays pressurized hot water to knock off and blow out all the dirt, grime, and oils while vacuuming it at the same time. This process can be done in a few short hours and leaves your floors completely dirt free, exposing the clean and consistent colored grout underneath.