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Mr. Grout Master Tile & Grout cleaning company offers professional tile and grout cleaning and restoration services. Once Grout gets dirty or broken it changes the look of everything around and in between. With a professional tile and grout installation background, and a powerful truck mounted system, let Mr. Grout Master company professionally clean, seal, and/or restore your grout, tile, and natural stone in your home, to its original color and condition! We guarantee we will clean and resotore your tile and grout to the cleanest state possible, period.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process:

Grout is a material made up of cement and sand making it extremely porous. tile and grout cleaning resluts Mr. Grout Master Because grout is so porous dirt, liquids, and bacteria WILL, over the years penetrate deep into the grout lines causing stains, discoloration and odor. Even mopping your tile will over time discolor and give your grout a possibly permanent worn and old look, if not properly sealed.

Using our powerful, yet safe and gentle cleaning process, a specially developed tile and grout cleaner solution, a revolutionary 2,000 RPM rotary jet system wand, ultra-hot water, and our state-of-the-art "steam cleaning" truck mount we will remove all the deep dirt, oil, and harmful bacteria out, restoring the clean and gleam to all your grout, natural stones, and tile surfaces as day the it was installed!

Grout Sealing and Protecting - Professional:

tile and grout cleaning resluts Mr. Grout Master

Once we clean the grout in your home and make it look like new, we recommend sealing the porous and absorbent grout lines with our invisible penetrating sealer. Sealing is an investment to your home, keeping your grout lines clean, consistent color, and protecting from discoloration and grout stains. Grout clear sealing is especially important to have done if you have a new home, with new and clean tile and grout!

We use the highest quality commercial grade grout clear sealer. The sealer does not change the look of your tile or grout, it will create an invisible barrier right beneath the surface of the grout to protect your homes from absorbing any spilled liquids and getting permanent stains! Ironically, even when you regularly mop your tile to clean it; mop water will eventually penetrate and discolor the grout and possibly give a permanent old and stained look, if not properly sealed.. If we seal the grout, we guarantee the tile and grout will look just as good and new in 15+ years if you have it steam cleaned by Mr. Grout Master!

If you have a home in Venic, Sarasota, or nearby cities, give us a call, and we would be glad to answer all your questions and give you a firm quote right over the phone!

Changing Grout Color - Grout Color Sealing/Staining

Weather your grout is heavily stained or you simply would like to change the color of the grout, Mr. Grout Master offers residents in Venice, Sarasota, and many surrounding cities - professional grout color-changing service!

Grout color-sealing also called grout staining, is a process of applying a strong epoxy based colorant to the grout that creates a brand new grout-color look to your tile floors. At Mr. Grout Master, we use the best color sealer available for grout coloring, it also seals the grout from ANY stains or discolorations and makes it very easy to keep clean. There are many color options to choose from to match your tile and taste. If properly installed the grout color sealer will last for up to 15 years or more!

Before applying the grout color sealer, the tile and grout MUST be properly prepared by doing a deep tile and grout steam cleaning and allowed enough time for the grout to fully dry. Doing the deep cleaning with a truck mounted steam machine would allow the colorant to properly stick to the grout and last for up to 15 years or more.

Weather you live in Venice, Sarasota, or surrounding cities, give us a call for a free quote at (941)888-4406.

Tile Repair and Grout Repair - Professional:

Cracked and/ or hollow tiles are a result of the foundation of you home settling down during the first 5 years of your house being build, or improper tile installation.

Gout cracks and falls apart because of your homes foundation moving due to the settling of you home, improper grout installation, or just age.

With our Professional tile and grout installation background we offer to replace broken tiles and fix, fill in and re-grout missing, loose or broken grout lines, leaving it looking new and original guaranteed!

Give a call to Mr. Grout Master company for a free and quick estimate for professional grout and tile cleaning, sealing, and restoration services (941)888-4406