Most asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile and Grout Cleaning

Why Should I have my grout professionally cleaned when I can mop it myself?

Mopping cannot achieve the results we can. In fact, when you mop you usually just move all the dirt off the top of your tile and move it into the absorbent porous grout, which over time discolors it.

How long does it take to clean my Tile and grout?

It takes an average of 2.5 hours to steam clean an average house.

How long does it take for my tile and grout to dry after cleaning?

There will be a very light spots of clean water coating left, which will clear in an hour.

How often should I clean my grout professionally?

Usually every 2 years. When you start to notice discoloration or dirt staying in your grout, Pet owners would see those much sooner. If grout is sealed it will keep grout cleaner longer.

Why should I seal my grout?

Sealing grout is basically waterproofing it, closing up the pores in you grout. It is a invisible solution the penetrates your grout keeping dirty water, oils, and stains away.

Does grout need to be cleaned before sealing?

Unless you have a newly grouted floor, we will need to deep clean you grout to free it of any dust, dirt, grease, oil, or coating of any kind before sealing.

Can you change color of my grout?

Yes, we use a high quality color sealer, which basically stains your grout to a perfect color of your choosing and sealing the grout at the same time!

Do you move furniture?

We will carefully move sofas, tables, and chairs to clean under them, Larger pieces such as beds, dressers, and pianos are left in place. We will put it all back after we are done cleaning. We ask that you remove anything off furniture that can fall off before we move it.

Do you fix broken or cracked tiles?

Yes! If you have spare tile(s) (should be left in garage by tile installers) we will remove and replace tile professionally without creating any dust.

Do you fix or fill in cracked, broken, or missing grout?

Yea, we will need to remove the broken grout and fill in grout lines with new grout matching the surrounding grout color!