Color Sealing, Is it worth it.

Color Sealing, Is it worth it.

Overtime neglected and not properly maintained grout will discolor in almost every area to the point where a professional cleaning grout cleaning service won’t make much of a difference. Discolored grout will make your floors look ugly and will ruin the whole look of your home.

Before you even think of having to replace your tile floors completely there is a way to make your grout perfectly and evenly colored.

The process is called color sealing also called “color staining”. This process is the last resort to making your grout look new again before you decide you want a new floor. Color sealing stains your grout to an even and consistent color of your choosing while sealing it at the same time. Sealing help prevents the grout from getting stained and discolored from spilled liquids or dirty water. An evenly colored grout will change the look of your floors and make it look like you’ve just got new tile and grout installed.

Color sealer should be only applied to sanded grout which is porous allowing the sealer to get a strong bond. Applying color sealer to un-sanded grout is not recommended as it will not last very long.

Before applying grout sealer, the grout should be etched with an acid cleaning solution by a professional cleaning service to ensure a proper bond of the color sealer and grout. The color sealer has a durable epoxy based formula allowing the color sealer to last for up to 15 years before it will start to fade off from day to day traffic and cleaning. It would be wise the pick the color sealer as close to the original grout color as possible, that way when the color sealer starts to fade off, it won’t be as noticeable.

It is recommended that the color sealing process should be done by a professional to get the long lasting and best results possible.